There is no pressure and absolutely any amount its appreciated

We want to thank you for all and any donations or purchases, every single person who donates or buys a voucher gets added to a draw at the end of lockdown (whenever that is) to win a voucher for R1500 (valid till the end of time) and other goodies including Bluebird coffee, some merch and some home brewing gear


Zapper has set up a feature where you can search for a merchant  and donate or buy a voucher from the app. 

  • Just open your zapper app- go to  "Pay at places nearby" on the top left
  • You may need to set your location to Howick, South Africa
  • Search for "The Barn Owl" and click donate or buy a voucher
  • OR Zapper scan the code to the right

Pay it Foodward

What is PayItFoodward?

"PayItFoodward is a directory of Midlands area restaurants, coffee shops and food services that offer online vouchers for purchase. It’s our hope that by providing this resource, we’ll be able to mobilise loyal customers to provide much-needed support for their favourite places in town. "


If this is your thing our deets are below
FNB Cheque account 62792642441

REF: Your name